Phoebe Cornog

Co-Founder of Pandr Design Co.

You know her as half of Pandr Design Co. where they crush branding, murals, speaking and teaching. They are also the hosts of the popular Drunk on Lettering Podcast where they interview the biggest letterers in the game and show the personalities behind the work, all while being drunk.

Keynote: Clueless to $100K

Von Glitschka & Savannah Glitschka

Father & Daughter Design Duo

Glitschka Studios is a small two person boutique design firm located in the Pacific Northwest. Our design and illustration have been used by some of the most respected global brands. We creatively collaborate with ad agencies, design firms, in-house corporate art departments, startups, and small businesses to produce compelling results.

Keynote: Old School vs. New School

Michael Janda

Author of Burn Your Portfolio

Michael Janda is an award-winning creative director, designer, agency owner and author. In 2002, he founded the creative agency Riser, which provided design and development services for clients that included Disney, Google, Warner Bros., Fox, NBC, ABC, National Geographic and many other high-profile brands. Following 13 successful years, Michael sold his agency in 2015. He now spends his time writing, speaking, and mentoring to help freelancers and agencies navigate the complex world of design.

Keynote: Price Creative Work with Confidence

Scott Fuller

Designer & Illustrator of The Studio Temporary

Scott Fuller is the designer, illustrator, and overall one-man dynamo behind The Studio Temporary. A Georgia native, he resides in Atlanta where he goes to work for brands, ideas, and people from every walk of life.

Keynote: Scott Fuller: Human Being

Size-Up Sessions

Tactile Type

Casey Ligon

Illustration for Graphic Designers

Shelley Henseler

Burn Brightly: Create Fresh Ideas No Matter What

Christine York

Vintage to Modern

Caitlyn Cooney


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