The Cowork Annex

DesignXL excitement won’t end after the conference keynotes, panels and size-up sessions wind down! At the end of the day, we’ll be bringing the party to Cowork Annex. 

The newly renovated, modern loft space is located inside the mixed-use Brent building, one of Pensacola’s oldest and most historic buildings. Cowork Annex houses more than 90 of Pensacola’s most creative and innovative business professionals. Members include entrepreneurs and remote employees who work across a variety of industries such as Marketing, Communications, Graphic Design, Public Relations, Insurance, Mortgages, Financial Services, Real Estate, Recruiting, Tech and more! Many members of Pensacola Designers get their work done in this business ecosystem, which holds space for open-seating, private offices, an event/training room, three conference rooms, phone booths and a community kitchenette. 

“Not only does Cowork Annex provide an innovative workspace right in the heart of Downtown, we also give creative professionals the opportunity to network, collaborate and keep their talents in Pensacola,” said Cowork Annex Community Manager Brooke Policicchio. 

At Cowork Annex, there is a membership plan for everyone. Rates range from $199 for a 24/7 unlimited access to the facilities and $500 for a private office, to $1,200 for a private office for three people. 

Every week, the DesignXL committee meets in a conference room within the 10,000+ sq ft. shared workspace facility. It’s where the planning magic happens! 

Learn more about the Annex here.

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