Branding & Identity | Rachel Zampino, Veronique Zayas
Sponsor & Speaker Packets | Liz Painter, Somi Choi, Cheyenne McMahan
Conference Swag | Liz Painter, Christy Highers, Somi Choi, Lindsay Kearley
Environmental Design | Rachel Hogue, Kris Poore, Cheyenne McMahan
Pensacola Designers Logo | Kyle Schmitz


Web Design, Development, and Hosting | Rachel Zampino, Ralph Haynes
Copywriting | Kris Poore, Jevon Young
Photography (Planning Team Headshots) | Liz Painter
Photography (Landscapes) | Sean Mullins

Social media

Strategy & Planning | Namrata Advani, Lindsay Kearley, Bri Snellgrove, Cheryl Murphy
Copywriting | Bri Snellgrove, Cheryl Murphy
Design & Graphics | Lindsay Kearley, Namrata Advani


Strategy & Planning | Christine York, Cheryl Murphy
Animation | Christine York
Project Management | Erica Dukes
Direction | Benjamin Murphy
Cinematography | Doug Stanford
Editing | Christine York

Event Management

Strategy & Planning | Rachel Zampino, Veronique Zayas
Speakers | Rachel Zampino, Veronique Zayas, Cheyene McMahan, Joseph Herring
Sponsorships | Namrata Advani, Mason Guttery
Vendors | Bri Snellgrove, Shane Mapoles


XL is about bold thinking and creative excellence. Together with our partners, we’re united in our mission to elevate the Pensacola’s creative community to new heights.

XL is made possible through the contributions and support of our partners.